Flower of the Week

Flowers are precious. They exist to delight our souls with their beauty and their delicacy, reminding us of the similar beauty and fragility that we experience within our own lives. They lift our spirits and rejuvinate that pleasant warmth which swims around within us. They never cease to make us smile, and in our volatile world they are truly a saving grace. We give them to our partners, to remind them of our love; we give them to police officers, to remind them of our oneness; we give them to those who are sick, to remind them that life is a beautiful gift. I would like to give one flower each week on my blog, to remind us all that despite the disheartening nature of many of the world's realities, there is still so much beauty and magic that exists all around us, and that we should never, ever take it for granted. So here is my first flower of the week. It is from the rose gardens at Washington Park, in Portland, OR. I was there with my partner, and stunned by the graceful bushes surrounding us. It was romantic, colorful, and oh-so floral! Truly delightful, and this beauty was the crowning jewel! Hope it makes you smile :-)

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