Flower of the Week

A lovely and abundant Bougainvillea vine, one of the many decorative marks of southern Sicily. A characteristic plant, it captures all of the color and richness of sicilian culture, proudly representing some of the very best of what the island has to offer: its picturesque flora. The Bougainvillea flower has a smell so sweet, and a depth of color so intense, that it is almost impossible to resist snipping off one or two as a gift for yourself (as I did... shamelessly). I carried the flowers in my hair, and for the rest of the day I was enchanted by their charms as they tickled my cheeks and delighted my nose. A true joy of a flower.

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  1. The plant was classified by Europeans in Brazil in 1768, by Philibert Commer├žon, French Botanist accompanying French Navy admiral and explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville during his voyage of circumnavigation.
    Just waiving the proverbial French flag, I guess...